Implementing National Health Reform in California: Changes to Public and Private Insurance

Prepared for the California HealthCare Foundation

The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), in a report authored by Manatt Health, provides an initial assessment of the task that lies ahead for the state of California and its partners in implementing the coverage-related provisions of federal health reform legislation, known collectively as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. With an implementation timeline that spans nearly a decade, the new law will fundamentally alter the availability and structure of health insurance, bringing coverage for the first time to millions of Americans and creating new coverage options for millions more.

Although the policy and legislation were crafted at the national level, their successful execution depends, in large part, on actions taken within the states, with much of the responsibility falling to state government. The implementation of health reform will be a massive undertaking, requiring leadership, interagency and public-private collaboration, and a disciplined and aggressive planning process. The report, "Implementing National Health Reform in California: Changes to Public and Private Insurance", identifies specific provisions that California either must or may implement, with a particular eye to the component tasks, decisions, and actions. The findings in the report have been informed by interviews with 16 leaders in health care policy and analysis, both private actors and public officials.

Additional Author:
Paul M. Campbell



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