As the sixth largest economy in the world, California’s unique status as a nation-state is not lost on policymakers. Decisions made in the state capital of Sacramento have a direct impact on businesses and governments in California, as well as in international markets. Over the last four decades, the economic and political dynamic has grown increasingly complex, making it more difficult for companies to navigate the landscape to their advantage. Manatt professionals, however, have been part of the state’s vibrant growth over these last forty years. We have proven, time and again, to be the critical link that can bridge the divide between government and business in achieving our clients’ policy objectives. Manatt offers a unique service in that our Sacramento office can team with our offices in Albany and Washington, D.C. We are one of the few major law firms that can provide this capability at the state and federal levels.

Areas of Expertise and Representative Clients

Our Sacramento office provides strategic advice and counsel for a broad array of clients seeking legislative and government counsel. We function as advisors and partners to our clients—whether it is representing them before an administrative body or in court, or advancing their efforts to win a government contract and secure a permit or an entitlement.

In short, we are widely recognized as influential leaders in shaping public policy in Sacramento—whether your audience is the traditional executive, legislative or judicial branches of government, or a special district, agency or independent Constitutional office. By maintaining frequent contact with legislators, their staffs, officials in the executive branch, and local authorities and many others, we also help clients anticipate potential changes to the dynamic body of law regulating their interests.

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