Does the Timing of Kushner’s Negotiations Matter?

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon
Manatt’s Jack Quinn, a partner in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, was interviewed live on CNN Tonight to discuss Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential Russia collusion and Jared Kushner’s business decisions during the Trump administration’s transition. This is Jack’s third time appearing on the show in the past month.

“We talk about what Russia did here, but there’s too little attention given to the fact that this attack on our very democracy not only happened, but is ongoing,” said Quinn. “And yet the president is not standing up.”
Host Don Lemon asked Quinn about the significance of whether Jared Kushner’s business negotiations occurred as part of the transition versus after the inauguration.

“The law may not precisely apply to the transition. However, the Trump transition operated pursuant to an agreement with the Obama administration that included detailed conflict of interest rules,” said Quinn.