New York State Government Divided on Approach to 2020 Presidential Election, Healthcare

April 24, 2019: Bruce Gyory
– WCNY Capitol Pressroom

Manatt’s Bruce Gyory, a senior advisor in the firm’s government and regulatory group, spoke to WCNY’s Capitol Pressroom podcast about the New York State Assembly and conflict within the party on a number of issues.

Speaking on healthcare, Gyory said that there is a cultural divide between progressives, who believe healthcare is a right, and others who feel it must be earned.

“It doesn’t mean you stop advocating for healthcare,” he said. “It means you have to calibrate your approach so that you are not running up against the cultural barriers that would stop you from helping people who need healthcare to get healthcare.”

Gyory also spoke to the Capitol Pressroom earlier in the month on the upcoming 2020 presidential election, and how a Democratic candidate could potentially win the election.

He said that Democrats “need to internalize that we live in an era where negative campaigning works,” and adjust their platform accordingly.

“When you’re going into a major election, you need to anticipate a weakness and how to structure your argument, party platform or candidacy so that [you] don’t lose in November because [you’re] getting picked apart,” Gyory said.

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