Are Medicaid Buy-In Proposals Getting Traction?

Over the past year, federal and state policy makers have advanced proposals that would permit people above Medicaid eligibility levels to “buy in” to Medicaid or would leverage the Medicaid program to offer more affordable and accessible coverage. As stability concerns persist in most markets, Medicaid buy-in proposals are beginning to gain traction as potential solutions to access, affordability and continuity of health coverage.

What central considerations must be taken into account when developing Medicaid buy-in proposals? What are the evolving models for state-administered Medicaid buy-in proposals? And what are the administrative considerations and authorities needed for each model? Manatt Health thought leaders discuss the answers in a new webinar, “The Medicaid Buy-In Landscape: Goals, Options and Design Considerations.” Key topics include:

  • The purpose and goals of Medicaid buy-in
  • An overview of Medicaid buy-in models and key design considerations, including target populations, structure, federal authorities and market implications
  • A review of federal waiver authority and related funding implications that states and other stakeholders must take into account when crafting buy-in proposals
  • Current state efforts and actions to develop buy-in initiatives, including insights into preliminary analyses and legislative interest

Patricia Boozang, Senior Managing Director, Manatt Health
Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Managing Director, Manatt Health

October 11, 2018