State Options for Federal Changes to the Individual Market

Prepared for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In a webinar for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, technical experts from Manatt Health, Georgetown’s Center on Health Insurance Reform and others outlined state considerations and options to address federal policy changes that could impact individual market stability. The experts discussed the implications of individual mandate repeal in the tax bill and opportunities for state action, including reinsurance and state-level policies to incentivize enrollment. In addition, the webinar addressed potential changes to short-term policies that could impact enrollment and premiums in the individual market, as well as potential budget impacts of the tax legislation on other health programs, including Medicaid.

During the program, you will discover:

  • Why states should consider a mandate
  • The benefits of reinsurance
  • Potential impacts of short-term limited-duration plans and associated health plans
  • How the tax bill may put entitlement programs at risk

Click here to view the program on demand and here to download the presentation.