A Tale of 2 Meats

By: Jeffrey S. Edelstein
– Law360

In two different cases companies have been accused of making false statements about their meat products.

A class action was filed in a Florida federal court against Kraft Foods Inc. and Hormel Foods Corp., in which the plaintiffs allege that the fat-free-percentage claims on deli meat products are deceptive.

Labels on Kraft Foods’ Oscar Mayer deli meats and Hormel Foods’ Natural Choice-brand products state the products range from 95 to 98 percent fat free.

In other meat-related news, the plaintiff who alleged that Taco Bell Corp. misleads consumers about the makeup of its taco meat has withdrawn her lawsuit. The suit alleged that Taco Bell misrepresented its meat fillings by calling them "seasoned ground beef" or "seasoned beef" when a "substantial" amount of the filling was made up of extenders and other nonmeat substances.



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