Whether a Buyer or Seller, Good Preparation is a Recipe for Success in M&A

– Nutrition Industry Executive 

Despite the recent period of anemic and uncertain economic growth, mergers and acquisitions activity within the food and beverage industry has shown continued strength. This level of activity has been due to the confluence of a number of positive factors. These include changes in consumer behavior and lifestyles, growth in the natural, healthy and better-foryou sectors, consumer behavior favoring branded products, cyclical economic factors as the economy tries to exit from a low-growth period, and pressure on food and beverage companies to find growth through acquisitions if organic growth has been lacking. Whether as an actual (or prospective) buyer or seller, food and beverage companies should maintain a keen awareness of these factors, how they may impact their company, and other considerations as a potential acquirer, target or, potentially, both. Good preparation allows a company to be most efficiently positioned for what may lie ahead.

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