Gross Gender Discrimination in Sportscasting

– Forbes

A google search for "female sportscaster" turns up as the first four entries: "10 of the Sexiest Female Sportscasters,"  "75 Hottest Female Sportscasters on TV-Busted Coverage," "The Top 50 Hottest Woman Sportscasters," and the "40 Hottest Female Sports Reporters." A search under "male sportscasters" turns up nothing analagous, perhaps because many male sportscasters would not rate highly for sexiness.

The point, however, is that sexiness has nothing to do, and should have nothing to do, with sportscasting, which requires sports knowledge, credibility, a good voice and the ability to speak in public. The fact that females are being judged/categorized in this way, plus the paucity of female sportscasters (especially doing play-by-play for a major professional sport) clearly shows gender discrimination.

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