Video Companies to Watch at Bertelsmann Media Summit

– VideoInk

Yesterday, I joined the VideoInk team in NYC for the Bertelsmann Media Summit 2015, a showcase for promising digital media-focused companies organized by German media-backed venture capital firm Bertelsman Digital Media Investments (BDMI). BDMI has invested in a powerful portfolio of leading digital video companies - most of which were featured there, together with a few other select companies with which they are, in the words of Managing Director Urs Cete, "friendly" (translation: he hopes to invest).

BDMI is no stranger to success in the digital video game. Two of its portfolio video companies  - StyleHaul and Drama Fever - reaped big headlines and investor returns (and those were only 2 of BDMI's 10 exits last year). Impressive. Given this kind of digital video focus and success, it's good to know who BDMI believes is worthy of their time and money (note: BDMI's venture fund invests $500K-$4 million; its seed fund invests $50K-$250K).



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