3 Modest Proposals for the IOC Drug Summit

– Law360

On October 10, the International Olympic Committee will host in Lausanne, Switzerland, what its press release called an anti-doping summit focusing on "the protection of clean athletes and, more specifically, on a review of the WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] anti-doping system." Given the doping chaos surrounding the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, the summit is not a moment too soon.

In particular, stating that WADA has a system appears to be somewhat of an overstatement. By WADA's own admission, it did not detect massive doping at the Sochi Olympics. Then, in an unprecedented manner, it recommended the ban from the Rio Olympics and Paralympics of a sovereign country, Russia, based on a so-called "independent person report." That report, however, was issued by a single Canadian law professor (whose independence could be questioned because he issued a previous report condemning Russia), and the report depended on anonymous witnesses, not including any witnesses in Russia.

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