Industry Voices—Silver Linings May Emerge From COVID-19 if State, Federal Policies can be Meaningfully Adapted

– FierceHealthcare

Manatt Health managing director Jonah Frohlich and director Megan Ingraham authored an article for FierceHealthcare about how ambulatory care providers in California responded to the COVID-19 pandemic through the widespread adoption of telemedicine solutions, and how policies and regulatory changes might be changed to help restore and improve access and services for both current and future ambulatory care patients in the state. In the article, the authors address the financial impact that the pandemic has had on providers whose businesses have seen an average decline in revenues of 50% or more in California. They also dive into how providers can prepare for reopening as the built up “demand for face-to-face encounters by patients to address delayed health issues will require providers to rehire and retrain staff and incorporate new virus-control workflow protocols that will slow productivity,” as well as the steps that the state can take to support providers as they begin to reopen their practices.

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