Is CBD on the Cusp of FDA Approval?

By: Anita Famili
– mg Magazine

Cannabis and CBD practice leader Anita Famili and advertising, marketing and media associate Alexa Singh authored an article for mg Magazine analyzing the current legal status of hemp-derived CBD and CBD-based products, including regulations surrounding the advertisement and branding of CBD products. In particular, the authors discuss what over-the-counter CBD-infused pain-relief product Elixcure’s listing on the FDA’s National Drug Code (NDC) directory means for other CBD products, which may “be able to be listed in the NDC directory as an alternative to seeking FDA certification or approval.” However they also warn that it’s still unclear whether the FDA will “create a streamlined legal pathway” for these products to be marketed as OTC drug products, and encourage CBD companies and retailers to “consult with counsel to ensure they do not cross the line from permissible manufacturing, labeling and marketing into illegal territory.”

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