The Continuing Danger of Academic Espionage

– Inside Higher Ed

Manatt government and regulatory partner Suzanne Folsom and managing director Robert Garretson authored an article for Inside Higher Ed on the ongoing threat of academic espionage, and the importance for college and university leaders to ensure that adequate measures are in place to address these continuing dangers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the article, Folsom and Garretson stress that while university leaders should be focused on the safety and health of students and faculty members as they plan to reopen campuses, it is also the time to ensure they are prepared to address academic espionage. “Colleges and universities that act now will be best positioned to ensure the protection of the vital intellectual capital they help germinate, as well as to continue to nourish innovation; fulfill their core educational and research mission for students, researchers, scientists and professors from around the world; and be effective sentinels in the protection of U.S. intellectual property and research,” they added.

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