Why the Cannabis Industry Must Address the Unique Challenges of Mandated Data Retention

By: Anita Famili | Brandon Reilly
– Legaltech News

Cannabis and CBD practice leader Anita Famili and privacy and data security partner Brandon Reilly co-authored an article for Legaltech News on the unique cybersecurity challenges the cannabis industry is facing. In the article, they note two overarching factors that increase the industry’s data security risks: data sensitivity brought on by federal illegality and lingering cultural divisiveness, and massive, mandated data footprints brought on by intense state and local regulatory scrutiny. Sabine and Reilly suggest that cannabis companies “take the security risks inherent to the field seriously and ensure baseline protections for consumer data” in order to guard themselves, and recommend they look to “state-specific protections, such as those laid out in the CCPA, and ensure compliance.”

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