NY Trial Court Rule Changes Will Streamline Civil Practice

By: Andrew L. Morrison
– Law360

Manatt Financial Services partner Andrew Morrison and managing attorney Anthony Staltari authored an article for Law360 highlighting 12 interesting changes that will occur following Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks’ recent administrative order amending the Uniform Civil Rules for the Supreme Court and the County Courts to incorporate, either in whole or in part, 29 current rules of the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court, effective February 1, 2021. In particular, they noted how these changes will streamline civil practice, curb abuse, and make litigation more cost-effective and predictable in New York, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. “This represents a major and comprehensive change in all phases of litigation—without amending the [Civil Practice Law and Rule]—based on practices that have proven effective at both the state and federal levels,” they said.

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