Know Your Audience Before You Tell Your Story to the Judge, Jury, Arbitrator

By: Kevin P. Dwight
– Legal Perspectives

Manatt Litigation Partner Kevin Dwight wrote an article for Legal Perspectives on how litigators can best present their case to judges, juries and arbitrators, offering strategies to secure the right audience and most effectively tell a story that will give the highest chance of success for these particular audiences.  

In the article, Dwight explained the importance of choosing the most appropriate audience—judge, jury or arbitrator—in determining how to develop the narrative for a case. “To succeed at picking the right audience, it’s critical to isolate the best features of your case and proceed accordingly,” he noted. Dwight continued by providing tips for storytelling to each of these three groups, recommending a balance between an interesting narrative, brevity and citing factual evidence. Finally, he gave advice for how to tell a compelling story over remote video software programs like Zoom. “Knowing your audience is critical to your success at trial. Applying these strategies should help you maximize your chances of not only selecting the right audience but telling your story to that particular audience in the most compelling way possible,” Dwight concluded.  

Read the complete article here.  



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