Looking Inward to Grow Outward: Five Keys to Managing Human Capital Through Hyper-Growth

– Entrepreneur

In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discusses the integral role human capital management plays in startups’ successful growth. Gutierrez notes that, although often overlooked, human capital is an integral component of this process, adding, “when startups and their investors partner to raise capital and fund scale, there is an opportunity to take a look at their existing human capital structure and plan a more purposeful road map to support its growth.”

Gutierrez provides five keys to managing human capital through hyper-growth, including:

  1. Tying your internal shoelaces
  2. Hiring an internal recruiting team
  3. Creating a new company archetype
  4. Pre-allocating a percentage of your fundraising for change management integration and training
  5. Defining your growth rubric

Read the complete article here.

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