NEM 3.0 Final Design Will Determine Fate of California’s Solar Market

By: Elizabeth P. Levin
– Daily Journal

Manatt Energy and Environmental Senior Advisor Addison Berry and Manatt Real Estate Partner Elizabeth Levin co-authored an article for Daily Journal on “NEM 3.0," the California Public Utilities Commission's revised state net-metering framework, and its impact on the future of solar power in California.

Berry and Levin explained that there were mixed reactions to the updated net-metering compensation proposal. "California’s investor-owned utilities are staunch supporters of the proposal, arguing that the changes are more equitable for all ratepayers. Solar developers and other clean energy advocates worry that NEM 3.0 will erode the value of solar so significantly that it will decimate the industry," the authors said. Berry and Levin stated that regulators must find a balance between creating incentives for the continued development of the solar market and promoting fairness within it. "Timing and the right policy designs are essential to preserve the economic and environmental gains achieved in the past decade," they said.

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