The Founder's Opportunity: What Do I Want My Company to Be When It Grows Up?

– Entrepreneur

In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discussed the importance of building a roadmap for startup companies that is aligned with founders’ future personal and professional objectives. Gutierrez noted that, just as parents conjure up archetypes for their children, entrepreneurs may have a skewed vision for their enterprises and long-term goals. “If an entrepreneur can construct a realistic vision and supporting plan at inception while staying agile and nimble as the company ‘grows up,’” he stated, “they can avoid a future mismatch and turn a potential dilemma into an opportunity.”  

Gutierrez provided five keys for entrepreneurs to consider when creating their company roadmap, including: 

  1. Being pragmatic about the industry dynamics of the product/service you are building
  2. ​Understanding your target investors 
  3. Determining your long-term involvement interest 
  4. Articulating what success looks like for your company 
  5. Defining your legacy 

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