The Isolation of Remote Work Puts Young Employees Most At Risk. Here's What We Can Do About It.

By: Kalon Gutierrez
– Entrepreneur

In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discusses how the isolation of remote work has affected the mental health of today’s younger workers and how business leaders can address growing feelings of loneliness among their employees. 

Gutierrez notes that companies must consider factors beyond profit and productivity, looking at how various social and economic changes have impacted the working world. In particular, he stresses the importance of prioritizing employees’ mental health, especially regarding young people most vulnerable to the effects of isolation. “We, as company leaders, have a responsibility to consider the mental health of those who join our ranks. And we must be more comprehensive in our approach to doing so.” 

Additionally, Gutierrez provides five things companies should consider as they assess a remote environment in the context of the growing loneliness pandemic: 

  1. Get to know your employee base 
  2. Create authentic social outlets 
  3. Develop strong mentoring cohorts 
  4. Redesign the office space 
  5. Reinvent the retreat 

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