AI Adoption in U.S. Health Care Won’t Be Easy

– Harvard Business Review

Following the release of their book, “Why Not Better and Cheaper? Healthcare and Innovation,” Manatt Health National Advisor Robert Rebitzer and his twin brother, Boston University economist Jim Rebitzer, co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review in which they explored how health care innovators can most effectively leverage artificial intelligence (AI), reduce switchover disruptions, and reap the benefits of this transformative new technology. 

The authors noted that AI applications can help advance the health care sector in numerous ways, including accelerating scientific discovery, aiding physicians and nurses, improving medical advice for patients, and reducing the burden of paperwork. However, putting new innovations like AI into practice can often be a slow process, they explained. In order to accelerate the adoption of these technologies, the authors provided three things innovators can do to build trust between providers, patients and the public:  

  1. Change the narrative about the purpose of AI. 
  2. Pay careful attention to how AI applications are implemented. 
  3. Assure patients and the public that AI applications serve their needs without threatening their rights. 

Read the full Harvard Business Review article here.   

For more information about “Why Not Better and Cheaper? Healthcare and Innovation” and the authors, click here.  



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