Could a Subscription Model Spur Innovation in U.S. Health Care?

By: Robert S. Rebitzer
– Harvard Business Review

Ahead of their upcoming book, “Why Not Better and Cheaper? Healthcare and Innovation,” Manatt Health National Advisor Robert Rebitzer and his twin brother, Boston University economist Jim Rebitzer, co-authored an article for Harvard Business Review explaining how incentives in health care can work against the development of valuable innovations. 

The Rebitzers discussed how a subscription model may more effectively stimulate the development of new antibiotics than standard reimbursement. Subscription models may also be useful in making medical innovations with a high price tag accessible to more patients. “The United States is a country with extraordinary innovative capacity. The challenge for the health sector is to harness that capacity to make healthcare both better and cheaper. New ways of reimbursing for innovation, like subscription models, have an important role to play in meeting this challenge,” the authors wrote.   

Read the complete Harvard Business Review article here.   

For more information about “Why Not Better and Cheaper? Healthcare and Innovation” and the authors, click here.



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