Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Minimalist Principles to Create Better Companies

By: Kalon Gutierrez
– Entrepreneur

In his latest Entrepreneur column, Manatt Digital and Technology Managing Director Kalon Gutierrez discusses the entrepreneurial advantages of developing a minimalist mindset. 

Gutierrez explores the economic and environmental benefits of this philosophy, noting, “The shift from more to better will drive our next wave of economic advancement, and start-ups are well positioned to build highly efficient enterprises from the ground up.”  

He offers five ways entrepreneurs can leverage minimalist principles to create better companies:  

  1. Declutter and Consolidate Your Product  
  2. Clarify Your Mission, Vision and Values  
  3. Give Back Your Company in a Focused Way  
  4. Hold Yourself Accountable  
  5. Create a Lower Carbon Footprint  

Read the complete article here. 

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