Medicaid Is Emerging as a Big Player in Housing, But Success Depends on New Partnerships

By: Dori Glanz Reyneri
– Health Affairs

Manatt Health Director Dori Glanz Reyneri wrote an article for Health Affairs in which she explored opportunities to leverage Medicaid funding to address housing needs, including how new federal resources can help state and local efforts to support individuals facing housing insecurity, lower costs for payers and improve health outcomes for those who need them most.  

In the article, Reyneri explained several actions the Administration has taken to expand the availability of housing supports that can be backed by Medicaid dollars. She also discussed several key opportunities for collaboration between health and housing partners to ensure their efforts are aligned and implemented effectively, including aligning populations of focus across programs; braiding funding and building provider capacity; data sharing and evaluation; and incenting housing supply.  

“Coordinating across long-held silos, blending short- and longer-term supports, building a supported provider base, addressing housing supply, and developing the evidence needed to sustain the programs are key implementation factors that cannot be overlooked as states and federal partners forge ahead on these new programs and investments,” she wrote. 

This article was also featured in Fierce Healthcare here



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