Queasy as ABC (Appellate Bias Committee)

By: Benjamin G. Shatz
– Daily Journal

In his most recent column for Daily Journal, Manatt Appellate Partner Benjamin Shatz discussed the rising number of bias allegations against judges, explaining how the Judicial Council’s new “Eisenberg Rule” and Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal Bias Prevention Committee are working to address misconduct concerns in the courts. 

In the article, Shatz explained that the Eisenberg Rule “is designed to promote the efficient, effective, and proper administration of the Courts of Appeal by increasing the accountability of administrative presiding justices and presiding justices.” While this new rule provides a procedure to address management issues in the appellate courts, Shatz added that the recently established Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal Bias Prevention Committee goes a step further by focusing on how bias manifests in court and seeking to identify practical goals and programs to prevent bias. 

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