Manatt Named One of the Most Feared Litigation Firms by BTI Consulting

– BTI Consulting Group

Manatt was recognized by BTI Consulting Group as one of the 2022 “Intimidating Opponents” in its “Firms Most Feared in Litigation” report. This year’s report recognized 39 firms that top legal decision makers do not want to see as opponents, with the “Intimidating Opponents” category specifically highlighting the 23 firms that clients would prefer not to see as they engage in litigation.

The firms recognized on this list were chosen by top legal decision makers based on a number of factors, including:

  • Fearless Nature: These firms are bold. They feel the fear and uncertainty created by the unsteady reopening and instinctively dive in to sort things out — and move forward.”
  • Uber Urgent: Like the best Electric Vehicles, they start with the power on at full force and accelerate into a case at breakneck speed.”
  • Relentless: Giving up is not an option. The fearsome start out fully resourced and don’t stop until they reach their goal.”
  • Strategically Aggressive: Clients report settlements are harder to come by. This means more strategy, more defense, and an aggressive posture to prove your point. The Fearsome Foursome embrace the aggressive approach — making it more difficult for the other side.”

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