Manatt Sponsors Dealmaker Media's The New Landscape for M&A: Are You Ready to Get Acquired?

Manatt is pleased to be sponsoring Dealmaker Media's "The New Landscape for M&A: Are You Ready To Get Acquired" taking place on September 15th in our LA office.

Program Description:
Let's be honest, if you're an internet startup are you really going to IPO?" The words of Dave McClure ring particularly true today as the vast majority of liquidity events for founders and investors are happening through acquisition as opposed to public markets. Also at work here is the fact that in many ways building a company today cost less than ever before. With less invested some startups teams are finding the ROI on early exits really worthwhile. So what does this mean for your startup? Are you building with an exit in mind? How will you create desire for the buyer?

Join our panel of experts and learn:
What buyers are valuing most?
What sellers had wish they'd known earlier?
How to protect your IP, lock down the value you have created and be ready for an exit?
Which categories are experiencing the greatest M&A activity?
How to target and build relationships with acquirers?
How to share your firms success without giving away the secret sauce?

Moderator: Vince Thompson, Middleshift

Jorge Espinel - EVP Strategy and Corp Development, News Corp
Andrew Siegal - VP Corporate Development Yahoo
Jamie Siminoff - CSO Ditech Networks/Former Founder/CEO PhoneTag
David Tiechner - Consultant/Former CEO Channel M



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