Manatt Sponsors the Digital Music Forum

Manatt is pleased to be sponsoring the 2010 Digital Music Forum taking place at The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Manatt Entertainment partner, Aydin Caginalp, will be on a panel discussing "Music in the Cloud: What Does the Future Hold?" alongside many other industry leaders, including the CEO of MP3Tunes, the Co-Founder of Sonos.

Panel Description: From MP3tunes to Spotify, cloud-based services that hold on to your music and allow you to stream on demand to multiple devices are popular with consumers. Recent announcements about new market entrants and speculation that Apple and possibly Google may launch their own cloud-based services have created new questions and a lot of buzz around the concept of "music in the cloud". How are business models progressing and what more needs to be done to fully legitimize cloud-based distribution channels? What kinds of marketing and promotional tactics show the most promise for profitably exploiting these uniquely consumer-based systems? What does the future hold for cloud-based music services?



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