Comptroller DiNapoli Stands by Audits

Cuomo Thunders, and DiNapoli Shrugs
– Politico

Politico quoted Manatt’s Bruce Gyory, a senior advisor with the firm’s government and regulatory practice, for an article about a series of critical audits that has fueled a disagreement between New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and comptroller Tom DiNapoli. DiNapoli stood by the audits and refuted claims he was using them to prepare for his own run for governor.

“I see this more as the recurring pattern of a governor who will push back when criticized and a comptroller who takes seriously the audit function,” Gyory said. “The idea of pushing back does, smartly and prudently, have a certain deterrence. The deterrence is less about DiNapoli and making sure others aren’t gratuitously taking pot shots. … Let’s see how this develops. Does DiNapoli get more aggressive, or was it an instance of the governor being under a lot of pressure on these economic development programs and pushing back?”

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