Presidential Hopefuls Look to NY Primaries

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Seek a Home-State Boost in New York Primary
– The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal quoted Manatt's Bruce Gyory, a senior advisor in the firm's Government and Regulatory Policy practice, for an article about Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's hopes for victory in the upcoming New York primary.

Gyory told The Wall Street Journal that while New York City is likely to contribute 50-55% of the primary vote, where Democratic candidates Clinton and Sanders will focus their efforts, the GOP candidates are more likely to spend much of their time in upstate New York. Gyory noted that Republicans in that region are more likely to vote in the GOP primary than in other parts of the state, adding that the region accounts for about 52% of the state's GOP registration.

Gyory also predicted that Trump will find more success in the western portion of the state, facing challenges in the New York City suburbs where the struggling economy and antiestablishment views influence voters' decisions.

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