Cuomo Promotes Balanced Policy in NY State

Despite Public Bickering, Cuomo Agenda Avoids Legislative Clashes
– Politico

Politico interviewed Manatt’s Bruce Gyory, a senior advisor with the firm’s government and regulatory practice, for an article about the public bickering among New York legislators.

The publication reports that while Cuomo is happy to trade punches when he knows he has the upper hand and that can only win him points with voters, the governor has no appetite for war in policy.

“I see the governor as promoting a balanced policy and hence political message,” said Gyory. “He is advancing proposals which promote both social justice and stability for the middle class. All too often Democrats have fallen into the notion that you can only do one when you need to do both. Underlying all this is his certain knowledge that New York is a Democratic—not a liberal—state. And if that is true in New York State, it is certainly true nationally.”

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