Insurer Subsidy Cuts Could Lead to Low Open Enrollment

Current Hollywood quoted Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health, in an article that discusses how states are asking the courts to require President Trump to pay Affordable Care Act subsidies to insurers. Washington State’s insurance regulator, for example, said it would allow insurers to change rates as soon as possible if lawmakers reinstate funding that was recently cut in an executive order.

Ario told the publication that the current administration’s recent moves mean there will likely be fewer people signing up for insurance during the upcoming open enrollment period, which begins November 1. Since the sickest people may rush to sign up, the pool of policyholders is likely to be more costly for insurers to cover.

"I think when [Trump] exercises his own executive authority and acts exclusively on his own, he owns this, and you will see this increasingly called Trumpcare," Ario said.



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