Paris Climate Withdrawal to Likely Impact CA Companies

Lawyers: U.S. Leaving Climate Pact to Affect State Businesses
– Daily Journal
The Daily Journal interviewed Manatt’s Craig Moyer, co-chair of the firm’s energy practice, following President Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate accord. While the decision doesn’t directly impact California’s emissions and energy regulations, some say it will hurt California companies in the marketplace.
Moyer told the Daily Journal that corporate clients who have invested in sustainable practices may have to reconsider how to proceed in light of the fact that the government will no longer support those initiatives.
"This exacerbates the differential, the competitive disadvantage that California businesses have against the rest of the country when you're looking at this," he said. "They've moved forward in good faith and they can't really backtrack from these sustainability initiatives."


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