State Officials Scramble to Save MinnesotaCare

‘Blindsided’ by Washington, State Officials Scramble to Save MinnesotaCare
– Star Tribune

The Star Tribune spoke with Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health, on how state officials are working to save MinnesotaCare. The health insurance program covers 91,000 people who are often described as the “working poor.”
Federal health regulators approved a separate Minnesota plan that reduced premiums in the private health insurance market. Blindsided by the Trump administration’s decision to cut federal funding, the future of MinnesotaCare is now uncertain. This uncertainty extends beyond the state of Minnesota—governors across the country, who thought Minnesota had federal assurances on the question of federal funding, have similar requests pending.
“It is a tough deal for a state to put the resources together for a proposal like this, get it filed and then have it change last minute,” said Ario. “I think what this will do is really light a fire under the states to work together to get clarity from the federal government on exactly what they can count on.”

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