Utilities Still Feel Pressure to Cut Carbon, Despite Paris Drop-Out

Utilities Post-Paris: Uncertainty Rules Power Sector as Trump Shatters Climate Consensus
– Utility Dive

Utility Dive interviewed Manatt’s Craig Moyer, co-chair of the firm’s energy practice, for an article on President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, leaving the U.S. as only one of three nations unwilling to sign onto the international agreement. Regardless of the government’s decision, there are still plenty of factors still pushing the utility sector to cut carbon.

“Without regard to what the governments do, individual companies have made pledges and their shareholders are pressuring them to make additional pledges on sustainability generally, and climate change is certainly a part of that,” Moyer continued. “So they will have these obligations without getting the protections and support of the government, meaning there could be competitive disadvantage for those companies who are seeking [a Paris exit].”

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