What Kaepernick’s NFL Grievance Needs in Order to Succeed

Examining Kaepernick’s Playbook
– Daily Journal

Manatt’s Robert Jacobs, co-chair of the firm’s entertainment, sports and media litigation practice, was interviewed by the Daily Journal on the legal strategy surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s NFL grievance.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback—now known for creating the NFL’s kneeling protest—has brought forth collusion claims which rest on allegations that the NFL and its club owners coordinated in secret to deny him a spot on any of the league’s teams. Experts have commented that in order for his claim to be successful, he will need to show evidence of collusion beyond the fact that several clubs refused to sign him.

Jacobs told the publication that given the confidential nature of the grievance process, any public attention on the matter that gets through would likely be good for Kaepernick.

“Some daylight, some scrutiny, so the general public isn’t just guessing what’s really going on in there. There [are] a lot of feelings that surround this case,” Jacobs explained. “His lawyer’s a smart person. He’s not afraid of the limelight. He’s not going to be affected by the push and pull of the national attention.”



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