White House’s Sexual Harassment Policy Falls Short

Lawyers Call White House Sexual Harassment Policy ‘Useless’
– Politico

Politico interviewed Manatt’s Deborah Kelly, a partner in the firm’s employment and labor practice, for an article on the White House’s sexual harassment policy.

The publication explained that a 2002 law shields the Executive Office of the President from sexual harassment filing requirements that apply to other executive branches. Employees joining the White House are provided with new-hire documents, which include two pages that define sexual harassment and discrimination and provide directions for reporting incidents.

Lawyers—including Kelly—who reviewed the document raised concerns that it falls short of common standards for shielding employees from abuse.

“If it were my client, I would say you haven’t focused enough on the internal complaint procedure,” said Kelly. “You shouldn’t have to sit at your desk or in your cubicle and say, ‘Oh my god, I don’t know who to tell.’ It should be crystal clear to you.”

“It’s not incorrect, but it is not as user-friendly as I think you would want it to be to show how seriously you take this issue,” she added.

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