Extending Shelter Assistance to Victims of Hurricane Maria

FEMA Sued for Planning Abrupt End to Disaster Aid Program
– Law360

Law360 covered Manatt’s work with LatinoJustice to keep Hurricane Maria’s victims from losing their temporary housing. Craig de Recat, a partner in the firm’s litigation practice, Justin Jones Rodriguez, an associate in the firm’s litigation practice, and Brett Natarelli, a partner in the firm’s financial services practice, teamed up to fight FEMA’s attempt to end its Transitional Shelter Assistance program.

The publication noted that FEMA planned to provide housing to those hit by Hurricane Maria for only nine months, in contrast to the 26 months offered to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The complaint focused on violations of the Due Process Clause and Administrative Procedures Act by FEMA.

An emergency injunction required FEMA to extend the program, and the publication reported that the agency would also fund travel expenses for hurricane victims to travel back to Puerto Rico.



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