Giuliani Claims President Trump Was Aware of $130K Payments to Daniels

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon

Over the past several weeks, Manatt’s Jack Quinn, a partner in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, has been interviewed live by CNN and MSNBC to provide a legal take on news surrounding the Trump administration.

On CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, Quinn discussed Rudy Giuliani’s comments that President Trump was aware of the $130,000 payments made to Stormy Daniels.

“The issue is whether there was a contribution—either in the form of a loan or a donation—and if so, if that contribution was excessive,” said Quinn. “The limit for someone like Mr. Cohen would be $2,000. This was $130,000, and it applies to a loan as equally as a cash donation.”

When Don Lemon asked about the exposure and possible ramifications of a potentially excessive contribution, Quinn explained, “The use of the term ‘funneling the money’ really speaks to the fact that they were aware of this … It’s a felony. I’m not saying that a felony will be demonstrated here, but Rudy Giuliani described a circumstance that could easily lead one to the conclusion that a felony was committed.”



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