McGahn Testimony May Influence Others in White House

CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin

Manatt’s Jack Quinn, a partner in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, was interviewed by CNN to discuss the impact of the Don McGahn testimony.

As the Trump administration waived its executive privilege in McGahn’s testimony, CNN reported that the information he shared may potentially implicate the President, and noted that McGahn’s disclosure may influence others who share knowledge of similar information.

“If others have guilty knowledge, they’re sitting there having watched the president’s counsel go in and testify before the Special Counsel. Nobody wants to be the last one standing; nobody wants to watch one’s colleagues go in, spill the beans and be the one who’s last in line to cooperate. I think there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of people making phone calls to the Special Counsel’s office asking when their interview can take place,” said Quinn.



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