Non-ACA-Compliant ‘Freedom Plans’ Rejected in Idaho

Idaho’s Attempt to Skirt Affordable Care Act Rules Swatted Down by Feds
– Boise State Public Radio

Boise State Public Radio interviewed Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health, for an article on Idaho’s attempt to avoid Affordable Care Act provisions.

In January, Idaho Governor Butch Otter issued an executive order encouraging insurance providers to come up with plans out of ACA compliance. Blue Cross complied, creating a plan that allowed it to set rates and deny coverage based on a patient’s medical history.

Ario explained that this was a problem.

“It’s clear law in the point that this is not in conformance with the law,” he explained, stating that Blue Cross of Idaho would have taken a big risk by offering the plans—the company could have been fined $100 per person, per day if the plans had gone up for sale.

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