Special Counsel Robert Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization

CNN Tonight With Don Lemon

Manatt’s Jack Quinn, a partner in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, was interviewed on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon to discuss Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent subpoena of the Trump Organization in the Russia investigation.

Given that the Trump Organization had previously reported that it was voluntarily providing thousands of documents to the investigation, Lemon asked Quinn if the subpoena indicates that the Trump Organization is not providing everything.

“It’s entirely possible the special counsel didn’t get all of the documents they expected,” said Quinn. “It’s possible they want to put everyone inside the organization on notice that there is to be no destruction of the documents they are in possession of.

“The bottom line,” Quinn continued, “is that it would be indefensible for the special counsel to have come this far and not take the necessary steps to ensure that he gets to the bottom of whether there was any linkage between the campaign and the Russian interference in the election.”



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