Transitional Health Plans Continue in Idaho

As Idaho Relaxes Insurance Regulations, Another Premium-Lowering Option Remains
– Modern Healthcare

Manatt’s Joel Ario, a managing director with Manatt Health, was interviewed by Modern Healthcare for an article examining transitional health plans in the state of Idaho.

The publication noted that transitional health plans are permitted by many states, including Idaho, as long as they were in place before the Affordable Care Act rules took effect in 2014. State officials in Idaho have allowed these plans to continue, even though moving transitional plan enrollees into the ACA-regulated market would likely bring down premiums.

Ario explained that transitional plans are a significant factor behind Idaho’s insurance affordability problems, though the effect has gotten smaller as transitional enrollees have aged.

“States know the transitional population has a better risk profile, and bringing them in will always be to the benefit of the ACA insurance exchange,” said Ario.

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