WFP Considers Forming New Ballot Line

Capital Tonight
– Spectrum News

Manatt’s Bruce Gyory, a senior advisor in the firm’s government and regulatory practice, was interviewed by Spectrum News on Capital Tonight to discuss the New York governor’s race.

A key topic discussed during Gyory’s interview was the Working Families Party’s endorsement of Cynthia Nixon, which is leading some labor leaders to consider forming their own ballot line.

“[WFP’s] special sauce was strong labor support that provided both troops and money tied to their activist core in a very well-respected get-out-the-vote operation,” said Gyory.

“Now, with a few exceptions, most of … the big labor unions that supported them … have all pulled out, and very few remain. Whether long term they will be able to make it with just that activist group, without that labor support, is a very interesting gamble they’re taking.”

Watch the full interview here.



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