Tashman Speaks with Music Industry Insights on Midem 2019 Women in Music Global Leadership Summit

Midem 2019 Inspiration & Education Review: Thought Leadership in Action
– Music Industry Insights

Manatt Entertainment partner Monika Tashman spoke with Music Industry Insights on the Midem 2019 Women in Music Global Leadership Summit, sponsored by Manatt. This summit brought together a wide range of women from all levels in the music industry to discuss their experiences and how the industry can move forward. Tashman, who spoke at the summit, said she was glad it was a success. “The summit brought together female business powerhouses from all over the world to promote and foster meaningful connections,” she said. “We drive change in all industries when women come together to empower and inspire each other. The stories, challenges and victories shared by the four women from completely different social and professional spheres on the panel served as a perfect example of this powerful force of change in action.”

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