California Considers Expansion of Federal Funding for Undocumented Adult Health Coverage

California Relies On Federal Funds To Expand Undocumented Health Coverage
Manatt's Cindy Mann, a partner with Manatt Health, spoke to POLITICO about California’s upcoming health care expansion that will extend full Medicaid benefits to undocumented young people.
The state is seeking to get federal reimbursement for emergency, labor and delivery care for undocumented immigrants, according to POLITICO. Cindy said the state must be careful to only seek reimbursement for these services, and not overreach.
"There is a federal part, but it's no different than what exists today," she said. "People who would otherwise be eligible for full-scope Medicaid but aren't because of their immigration status, the federal government pays for emergency Medicaid — emergency hospitalizations and labor and delivery."
Mann served as the federal Medicaid director from 2009 to 2015 under former President Barack Obama.
She added that California health officials "have to establish, to the satisfaction of the federal government, that they are only paying for emergency Medicaid services. The state is absolutely responsible for assuring that only the appropriate claims get sent to the federal government ...If they submit a claim and CMS says it's improper, CMS will recoup those dollars.”
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