Federal Agencies to Give Citizenship Data to Commerce Department

Trump Abandons Fight To Put Citizenship Question On Census, Says He Can Get Data From Existing Records

Manatt’s John Libby, leader of the firm’s investigations and white collar group, spoke with CNBC about President Donald Trump’s decision to drop his administration’s fight to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

The president previously said that he would issue an executive order requiring the question to be added to the Census, according to CNBC. However, he changed course, sayinghe would instead order federal agencies to give the Commerce Department all records related to how many citizens and noncitizens live in the United States.

Libby said that this revised executive order may not survive challenges in court.

“I don’t know quite what he is referring to because existing law allows, in fact, encourages the Census Bureau to obtain information from other federal agencies,” Libby said. “I don’t want to characterize its effectiveness or lack of effectiveness, but it is pretty consistent with existing law.”

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