How to Put the Latest Admissions Scandal Behind Your School

How to Put the Latest Admissions Scandal Behind Your School
– University Business

Manatt’s Jack Quinn, Suzanne Rich Folsom and Robert Garretson have co-authored an article for University Business on how public and private colleges and universities should prepare a comprehensive response to potential incidents of admissions fraud to protect the integrity of the higher education admissions process. In the article, they noted that it is important for higher education institutions to demonstrate to stakeholders that their admissions process is fair, and that the institution rejects bribery and other illegal attempts to secure entry into the school.

“For the thousands of colleges and universities that were not ensnared by the Justice Department’s ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ investigation, their collective sigh of relief could be premature,” they wrote. “As the evidence disclosed to date makes clear, even a single dedicated fraudster can circumvent the rules and imperil the honest hard work done by a school’s administration, academic and admissions professionals.”

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