Sabine Quoted on USDA’s Interim Hemp Regulations

Hemp Regulation Turns Corner With New USDA Rule
– Law360

Leader of the cannabis and CBD practice Anita Sabine spoke with Law360 on the USDA’s recently released interim rule for the domestic production of hemp. In the article, Sabine discussed the impact that the lack of USDA rules has had on the industry prior to this announcement on October 29, saying, “multistate CBD manufacturers, distributors and retailers have been forced to comply with a hodgepodge of mismatched state laws which unintentionally have created minefields for operators and no quality standards for consumers. State regulators, the hemp industry, consumer advocacy groups and us lawyers have been struggling to make sense of it all, and as we’ve waited, the CBD industry has suffered."

 Sabine also discussed the USDA’s interim rule with: 



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